>a river of stones #9

>Deranged thoughts change lives,
Didn’t anyone notice?


6 responses to “>a river of stones #9

  1. >Oh, yes. I've noticed. So much we can't understand. Where were the parents of the kid who shot Giffords et al?

  2. >Yes, and when it is someone famous they change millions of lives…not that one life isn't enough, it is too many, too.

  3. >That's exactly what I am wondering Victoria.Didn't they notice something was askew.I would have.

  4. >Willow I do blame Palin's crosshairs on the map for this. If you are dealing with a mind that is not stable, it is like adding fuel to the fire.It only takes a little push to go over the edge.

  5. >Jamie, yes, it is a horrible tragedy.

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