>safe and secure poets united thursday think tank #31-random deviation



To build a castle round oneself
never letting anyone get too close.
Walls high and strong,
overlooking rough terrain,
foliage and rocks.
Standing against rough times,
no-one can break them down.
A fortress that faces
an ocean of harshness.
Windows reinforced
to block the powerful winds,
allowing the sun or moon
to shine through … 
so we may look out from within.


12 responses to “>safe and secure poets united thursday think tank #31-random deviation

  1. >This is a very powerful poem, conversely reminiscent of John Donne's No man is an island…" Beautiful and intense.

  2. >I definitely relate to this one, secure and safe here in my little castle:) "A fortress that faces an ocean of harshness" – powerful. Wonderful images and metaphors: "so we can look out from within." Great one, Pamela!

  3. >Thanks BJ, that is quite a compliment:)

  4. >Thanks much Sherry, the picture did invoke that particular image in. Safe and protected away from the harm of the outside world.

  5. >Where can I get one of these? It's make a great monastery.

  6. >You don't have one already Ollie?I thought you did:)

  7. >love this one.well done.

  8. >Pamela,This is surely life itself. Inside looking out, feeling safe…in control..Wonderful use of the poetry prompt image.Love your words.Best Regards, Eileen

  9. >Thanks Eileen, I so enjoyed this prompt.Don't we all feel safe within our castle walls.

  10. >Great poem, reminds me of how some of us build ahigh fortress and others don't. Pamela, I love what you did with this week's prompt~

  11. >Some of do Ella and well others are an open book, so to speak. Thanks.

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