>remembrance big tent poetry #36 a list of words

Sink into the foreground
with nothing to say.
The mind is occupied without
verbal passages.
Light fills spaces,
where doubt once existed.
Spreading jam
too thinly on burnt toast.
Scraping away at the background.
Everything is relevant,
like revolution in thoughts
that change a revolting scene
into something pleasant.
Rhetoric is a rearview mirror,
as I slip into my dreams … 

*words not used:

34 responses to “>remembrance big tent poetry #36 a list of words

  1. >Good one, Pamela. I'd like to see the one you's write with rigid, rampant, raunchy! Probably not printable!ViV

  2. >Reverie . . . ah. Great choice. I enjoyed this dreamy, thoughtful space.

  3. >I absolutely loved the line "Rhetoric is a rearview mirror…" Wonderful use of metaphor and like Viv – I'd love to see what you'd do with some of the other 'R' words, too.

  4. >Oh… I LOVE this! Such beautiful imagery… I especially like the jam on burnt toast. ~laurie = )

  5. >Wonderful imagery. My favorite line—The mind is occupied withoutverbal passages.That line sent me off into so many places. Great prompt line!

  6. >Rhetoric is a rear view mirror really makes me think!

  7. >I like the burnt toast followed by "scraping …background". Nice juxtaposition

  8. >What a dream and imaginations….I travelled into your dream for a few seconds 😉

  9. >Rhetoric is a rearview mirror. Now that's something to think about. Very nice poem, and amazing imagery – I felt my nice scraping the toast when I read that.

  10. >Beautiful words. The mind is occupied with verbal passages. Instantly a certain vision came to mind, but then on reflection it had many.

  11. >You are probably right Viv 🙂

  12. >I love the word reverie, it just rolls off the tongue. Thanks nan.

  13. >I am not sure where that came from RJ. But it did seem to fit.:)

  14. >Laurie, I have had many a day like that:)Too early in the morning and not paying attention.Thanks.

  15. >Thanks Linda and I have felt that way at times.

  16. >Jeanne thanks and thanks for the visit.

  17. >Very nice reverie indeed. Loved this: "..Light fills spaces,/where doubt once existed./Spreading jam/too thinly on burnt toast…" A thoughtful and effective piece.

  18. >Thanks Barb. This was an interesting prompt.

  19. >Dreaming is a wonderful thing Uma.

  20. >Yes, it is something to think about Sam.Thanks.

  21. >Thanks Jacqueline, I just visited your site and I love your writings.

  22. >Thanks much Joy Ann and I enjoyed yours as well.

  23. >Superb. It rings with magic and those spots we call home which might be only figments…there's never enough jam for burnt toast – love the way the burn is scraped away.

  24. >The last two lines are a really great ending!

  25. >That last bit, about rhetoric is rearview mirror is amazingly wonderful.

  26. >You've captured everything so well. There are some beautiful phrases in there!

  27. >beautiful, original, brilliant, a pleasure to contemplate

  28. >Susan, yes only figments at times:)

  29. >Mark, don't where or why for that line, but it just seemed so perfectly true.

  30. >Thanks much Joanne. I hope the best for everyone in Brisbane.

  31. >What a very nice thing to say Willow.

  32. >"Light fills spaces / where doubt once existed" is such a lovely line. I guess that's something we all want to find, that light. Well done!

  33. >Thanks James. Light is a wonderful thing, isn't it? I am looking forward to the chapbook:)

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