>Main Street writer’s island #4-clarity

>So curious and circumspect
while christening memories
If you’re in the driver’s seat of confusion
like a crimp in the line
Examining your cuticles for prosperity
Passing on the left of
a crammed cucumber camp
Further up the road is the Chalet of Chagrin
where you may rest for a day
dining with classless folk who eat
crabcakes with their fingers
bibs fastened securely about their waists
Cringing from the scene
All comes forward into clarity 

process notes:
I wrote a list of “c” words,
the result was this poem.


10 responses to “>Main Street writer’s island #4-clarity

  1. >I c what you mean – and it 'c'eems really good to me!(Brilliant – "…examining our cuticles for prosperity…")

  2. >Hhhmmm….Challenges always bring out the unexpected, the rare find, the lovely twist.I really really enjoyed your approach and take off here, Pamela.Clever, crisp and comes forward into clarity!

  3. >Love the way this flowed, and a great message.

  4. >The idea driving this is brilliant. Impressive.

  5. >Interesting piece to come simply from a list of c words…. like the direction it followed, the path of its own.

  6. >RJ, I am not sure where that came from:)

  7. >nino I know this is a bit ridiculous, but it was an interesting exercise.

  8. >Anthony, I am not so sure how I even ended with a message. Thanks.

  9. >Thanks for the visit Dave.

  10. >Definitely its own path Petrina 🙂

I appreciate all comments.

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