>"Vacant" poets united poetry pantry #26

>In a white light streaked
with crimson … smashing the tiny
pearls of an optical sphere  

Anguish is relief when comparing
love of deserted natural virtue

Reasoning is too much to undertake,
brittleness of the senses compact
into a space with no room to move

Crystalline nightmares invade every
corner, seeped with sorrow

Vintage aspirations bustling in unison,
breaking extensions on elongated plains

Chartreuse light bolts against torrid
blackness becoming fetid and fearsome

Breaking up the stones surrounding a
silver pond filled with fish singing
long forgotten songs …

Heard in echoes throughout the land

18 responses to “>"Vacant" poets united poetry pantry #26

  1. >Breaking up the stones surrounding asilver pond filled with fish singinglong forgotten songssuper dynamic or lovely imagery…beautiful lines.

  2. >"Reasoning to much to undertake"…love that line Pam..there are times when life feels just like that….and there is "no room to move"…you have me thinking…bkm

  3. >This is beautiful, Pamela. 🙂

  4. >i love the effect of imagination on my mind

  5. >I love the singing fish!

  6. >Beautifully done. I especially love the fish singing long forgotten songs.

  7. >Barb, it is so true. Reasoning will not work sometimes and it is completely futile.

  8. >Psalmist, thanks for the visit.

  9. >Philip, don't all fish sing:)

  10. >I adore that last three-line stanza. Beautiful.

  11. >Excellent word choice…something for me to work on.

  12. >Always a joy to read one of your pieces – I so love the vibrant colours and the image of the fish in the pond is my favourite.

  13. >Thanks Sherry, you've got to love singing fish:)

  14. >Thanks so much Tilly.

  15. >Nice of you to stop by Kerry:)

I appreciate all comments.

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