>our own construction monday poetry potluck #19-rules, regulations and laws

>A vessel that holds liquid
within its circumference
never leaking out
left to evaporate
leaving behind a film
which can’t be erased

A line that has been drawn
with invisible accuracy
you know it exists and
no-one may cross over

A well formed tunnel
built beneath a river
with one way in and out,
no u-turns permitted

A deep well with walls
made of iron and glass
hoping the glass doesn’t
shatter from too much abuse

Sending slivers flying in
a wrong direction,
piercing the surrounds of
laws, rules, regulations


14 responses to “>our own construction monday poetry potluck #19-rules, regulations and laws

  1. >Nice imagery here and I like the last stanza in particular, shattering our regulated surroundings!http://jessicasjapes.wordpress.com/2011/01/24/dark-teen/

  2. >Oh, wow, Pam. Not sure if this is what you intended, but has me thinking of border restrictions, immigration. Powerful.

  3. >vivid and powerful imagery,smart usage of metaphor.A++

  4. >Interesting piece…I enjoyed your pictures as well.Happy potluck!http://lynnaima.wordpress.com/

  5. >I dig these water-themed metaphores. They're physical, yet emotional. Nice Potluck dish!

  6. >Thanks for the visit Jessica.

  7. >Victoria, not my intention, but it does read that way.

  8. >Thanks Jingle. I love potluck!

  9. >Lynn, thanks to both and for the visit.

  10. >Eric, thanks for that.

  11. >The title definitely brings this piece full circle…you always write with such depth…definitely a pleasure to read your words…ONE::

  12. >A very creative and inspiring poem. A delight to read, much enjoyed. Thanks. 🙂

  13. >Thanks dasuntoucha, with depth maybe, but clarity, no.

  14. >moonlitpoetic,Thanks for the visit and the kind words.

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