>"It Will Never Change" we write poems #38-morning wake-up call / OSW #30

>Mornings – silence – please
Sun shining in my windows
bright, blinding me
Always in a rush, looking at the clock
I’m late … as I spill my coffee
I can’t stand drivel at this time of day
keep it to yourself
Sure the garden looks nice in this light
I’d rather be in bed – under the comforter
My dogs always greeting me
forever faithful friends
I’d rather be in bed –  covers over my head
Troublesome and annoying – mornings

Nighttime – stillness – delight
A comfortable place to sink into
I watch the sky change colours,
look at stars, examining every subtlety
Feel the coolness entering
the air, so I may wrap it
around me, relax …
Listening to quiet noises of an evening unwind …
Give me nighttime … I don’t like mornings


40 responses to “>"It Will Never Change" we write poems #38-morning wake-up call / OSW #30

  1. >ah…thank you for ending peaceful…i was feeling rather frantic with the beginning…and a bit sad at spilling the coffee…smiles. nice one shot

  2. >love it Pam the nightmare of night..a blessing to the nightmare of day…. and I find if I drink my coffee in bed..it does not spill as much….bkm

  3. >Very nice, Pamela. We share the same opinion of morning and night. 🙂

  4. >All ends peaceful at the end of the day Brian:)

  5. >Maybe I should try that, Barb;)

  6. >zouxzoux, I love the evening, but the mornings have always been challenging for me. I love my bed:)

  7. >Beautiful! Although I might be a bit biased as I feel you could have been writing it for me-darn those mornings!

  8. >A very effective statement on the frantic and demanding quality of our modern lives–bound to the artificial imperatives of the clock. I can't imagine primitive man jumping out of his cave at the crack of dawn to go pound out a flint knoife or something–humans like their actions to have meaning, and the mindlessness of having to live to an inflexible schedule is very wearing on the soul. Nice writing, and I agree completely.

  9. >More like damn those mornings :)Thanks for visiting.

  10. >Joy Ann I detest how I always watch the clock.But if I don't I will be late. When I am not ona schedule I rarely look at a clock. I have neverliked mornings and knowing people who do, well I admire them.

  11. >Amen, sister! Now pass the coffee, will ya? 🙂

  12. >I'm just saying Eric:)

  13. >I used to feel the same way. Now my time is mostly my own so mornings have become a very pleasantly active space. It took a great deal of time though. Love the poem, the rush and frustration you managed to convey so easily,Elizabeth

  14. >I don't like mornings either…but I think I like the night even more now. 🙂

  15. >A nice, quiet evening with a drink and someone close.Then a nice, quiet and SLOW morning after with the same someone, enjoying morning coffee. Sounds good to me!

  16. >Elizabeth as a child I didn't like the mornings or rainy days. My sister still teases me about how I would cry when it rained. I do in fact like my quiet time in the morning, if I don't have to be somewhere. It just seems most times I have to be somewhere. Therefore I love the evenings.

  17. >Thanks autumnraven, the nights are special to me.

  18. >Eric, that is a weekend for me. I love Fridays and Saturdays for exactly those and more reasons.I don't like to rush around, but also I am not willing to get up earlier. Go figure:)

  19. >I can so relate to this. I am definitely NOT a morning person. It is a beautiful time of day with the light and all though if I can ever make myself get up early enough to enjoy it. I too would much rather be under the covers!

  20. >Just read your poem Peggy and I can relate to it.

  21. >Pamela, this is a great poem. I have had mornings like this, when I just don't want to hear anything. But mostly I like mornings, out or inside. I love your description of the evening, the comfort and consolation of night time.

  22. >Shari, first of all thanks and I am happy to see you around again. But in all honesty I prefer the night. No hurries, no rushing, just enjoying the time, my family and friends.

  23. >hahahah…was this me reading your poem, or was it my own mind!??! Oh Pam… I so share your sentiment, my dear…. Mornings can be really beautiful…but waking up (early and unwillingly) ain't! 🙂 Jeezz.. I can relate to this one hundred percent!

  24. >You make night sound so delicious.

  25. >Mornings like that are no fun! Love your descriptions of the night, Pam. Nice poem

  26. >Kavita seems many share my views:)

  27. >Irene nighttime is delicious to me:)

  28. >Good job, Pam.Not a morning person, either.

  29. >Barb, thanks, mornings are not fun!

  30. >Thanks for visiting booguloo.

  31. >Relatable, superb word choice/flow work.

  32. >Thanks Steve. I really dislike mornings:)

  33. >Well written, Pamela. You made your feelings very clear. Mostly I am a morning person rather than a night owl! We are different in that way.

  34. >Viva la differencia! Give me the night:)

  35. >Clear! Good read!

  36. >I am a morning person. I gotta be. I go to school before 7!zeroing into the arrow

  37. >Gautami, I used to have to be at work by 7, but myschedule changed in June. I now work mostly in the afternoon. Which is just fine with me:)

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