>A Song From The Sea big tent poetry #38-did you change your point of view?


model: Emily Franklin

In a daydream you existed
I saw you in the sea,
heard your lonesome cry.
I could never comfort you.
It was long before I saw  
those mystifying eyes,
your pouty mouth, enticing me.
Pearls draped loosely about your neck,
given by another lover, long ago …
Sorrow fills my shutter.  
I have become divisive about
what is captured with the lens.
I’ve waited for you –   
you laid upon the shore
seaweed, shells, enshrouding you,
wiping away the saltiness.
Capturing an essence before you slip
away – when I release you from the net.

40 responses to “>A Song From The Sea big tent poetry #38-did you change your point of view?

  1. >Pamela, I loved the fishing imagery, metaphor for the photographer. Lovely picture, too.

  2. >Love the poem, the wistfullness, the yearning, and fishing analogy. We are always fishing, with our eyes, thoughts, and our hearts. Elizabeth

  3. >I love the dreamy feel of this piece; a romantic fantasy. Beautiful!

  4. >I feel like I have just witness a mermaid – fantasy made real. I loved the line, "I have become divisive about/what is captured with the lens." Beautifully metaphoric!

  5. >What a gorgeous lament, an ode to love as elemental as the ocean. I feel the fragile nature of all of life in this poem. How easily we slip from each other on the breaking waves.

  6. >the camera as net idea is intriguing to me. The sense of desperate longing is one I can identify with. Truly, well done.

  7. >"Sorrow fills my shutter"~ great line.I love the last line as well. The poem as a whole is just perfect in its touching sadness! You really got into the character of the photographer well.

  8. >Pamela, yes, yes, she is there and not there, slipping away. Beautiful portrait image. Your poem every bit as beautiful.

  9. >I think this is the best Big Tent I have been in. Everyone seems to be doing so well with this prompt and you are no exception. Your photographer is struggling but you are not as you tell the story of this photo session. Yes, I might fall in love like that for an afternoon and hurt myself in letting it go.

  10. >Outstanding. I absolutely love it.

  11. >Haunting, sad beauty. I love the way you managed the prompt, Pamela. Truly artful.

  12. >Love has its own nets to catch us in…

  13. >Thanks Viv, I enjoyed the prompt.

  14. >Elizabeth, this photo spoke to me in that way.Isn't that what love can be like.

  15. >Felicitas thanks for the visit:)

  16. >RJ, mermaid yes. It evoked that for me as well.Divisive is such an appropriate word for what I was trying to say.

  17. >Sad but true Brenda. Even if we are trying to.

  18. >Mark, desperate longing it not a good place to be in. Once I saw this photo it was the feeling I gotfrom it. Thanks.

  19. >Thanks Jade. This was an unusual experiment tryingto think like the photographer.

  20. >She is beautiful, isn't she? I knew when I found this, it was the one I wanted to write to. Thanks Robin.

  21. >Christopher I completely agree. Some wonderful poems out there today. I truly appreciate the nice comment.

  22. >Thanks Susan. I had fun writing this one.

  23. >Victoria the artist in me saw that photo and I had to write to it. His work is quite different.Some of it almost disturbing.

  24. >How absolutely true Jinksy. Love is tricky.

  25. >Very alluring photo and poem… about the sea, like me = ). I really enjoyed reading about the mermaid entangled in the fishing net. You are so creative and talented!

  26. >I had mermaids swimming through my mind too as I read this! Very Dreamy!

  27. >Haunting and wistful!

  28. >I love the play on the words capture and release in this wonderfully vivid poem.

  29. >The imagery you convey from the photographer's point of view is incredibly evocative. Well done.

  30. >Laurie, yes, we both wrote about the sea.She made me think of mermaids:)

  31. >Jeanne, most of my life is spent dreaming:)

  32. >Cara, thanks for that.

  33. >James, I tried to approach this with the photographer in mind. Thanks again for the chapbook!

  34. >It's a beautiful story you created. I went along with it, every step of the way!

  35. >Glad you did Deb:)Thanks for the prompt.

  36. >Beautiful and aching. "Sorrow fills my shutter" is also my favorite. Wonderful!

  37. >Thanks Erin, I liked this prompt. Her photo spoke to me.

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