>Looking for Tranquility monday poetry potluck #20-Peace, Relaxation and Spirituality

>Searching for the holy grail or a
hammock that shades the mind.
Swaying palms that cover the coast
where waves brush against a shoreline.
Looking for what feels right,
beliefs are arbitrary,
indecision couples whimsy.
Searching for peace or repose
a tree that shelters from the rain,
wild flowers grow on hillsides
where grass grows in tufts.
Facing an identity that sets us
apart from the ordinary,
convictions are solid,
decisiveness fortifies.
Relaxation exudes peace helping
to discover one’s own spirituality.


20 responses to “>Looking for Tranquility monday poetry potluck #20-Peace, Relaxation and Spirituality

  1. >I take a deep breathAnd relaxMy spirit is at peace..love love the imagery in these lines, superb piece.A++

  2. >Many thanks Jingle:)

  3. >Nicely done! I'll take a little R&R there.

  4. >It seems to me that you have access to many places where the spirit can prosper, above all within you!

  5. >Thanks Annell a nice place to be:)

  6. >Victoria, it is the only place for me.Exterior comforts are great, but if you feelemptiness inside it doesn't matter.

  7. >it feels good in here 🙂

  8. >Nice to meet you bendedspoon!

  9. >Yes! Know yourself. Find inner peace. Shine that peace outward. Develop your true spirituality.

  10. >Kim, learning is knowing who we are, thenwe can have peace. Thanks for visiting:)

  11. >"looking for what feels right"… such a perfect description of a soul seeker. Lovely, heartfelt words, Pamela. THANK YOU!

  12. >Thanks for the nice comment Julie:)

  13. >marit, I am not so sure about that. Thanks for visiting.

  14. >to discover one's own spirituality … Great end to a peaceful poetry. Nice potluck Pamela!

  15. >scentofmyheart, thank for saying so:)

  16. >Wiki says: spirituality is defined as a search within oneselfMichael asks: To what end?Purely rhetorical.Your idea of a safe haven first appeals to me.Nice Write.

  17. >I didn't know wiki said that:) We are flawed beings and must search for what feels right. While still taking care with our fellow man. Religion and politics are such delicate subjects,but spirituality is something most people embrace.Thanks for the nice comment.

  18. >Fantastic write, I loved the imagery and the line "indecision couples whimsy", tickled the ol' mental trap!

  19. >abthomas, doesn't indecision couple whimsy? thanks:)

I appreciate all comments.

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