>"Sylvia Frances" one stop wednesday #31


(a dedication to my mom)
I stood in front of you looking into your eyes,
examining every breath that settled on me,
soft, like a floating leaf. 

Watching your body’s movements
like a butterfly released from a cocoon.
Your blood that flowed in a circulating current
like a river inside of a sea.

As I laid down next to you to watch you sleep,
golden hair with soft curls, like circles of silk
with no beginning or end. 

Your eyes forever with me,
never completely shut as you slept,
rapid flickers moving about
like blue lights illuminating darkness.

Being with you was a docile
flight … carrying me to the green
countryside of your homeland.
Folklore and songs from a childhood
of happiness that existed inside you,
shared without hesitation …

Sometimes, I sit alone at nights
wishing I could kiss your cheek
or touch your hand once more …

20 responses to “>"Sylvia Frances" one stop wednesday #31

  1. >oh it ends rather sad after such a lovely beginning…and leaves me full of feeling. nice one shot.

  2. >Beautiful poem of love, Pam, full of memory and longing, and appreciation for what was shared. "..golden hair….like circles of silk.." such a lovely image.

  3. >A wonderful love poem, Pam, great imagery! It makes me want to fall in love all over again, every morning! Kiss you dear! =*

  4. >Wonderful tribute poem, Pam. Full of emotion, especially at the end. Lovely sentiment.

  5. >Oh I saw Ireland in his eyes. Sorry he had to leave, but there's other world in other's eys. Beautiful though if sad. Gay @beachanny

  6. >What a lovely, but sad poem. You really do have a way of stirring the emotions!

  7. >Beautiful poem indeed. Such an emotional ending. Well done! Thanks for sharing.

  8. >Pam, your poetry tugs at my heart in ways I'm sure you could not know."Sometimes, I sit alone at nights wishing I could kiss your cheekor touch your hand once more…" Knowing this is a dedication to your mom, a beautiful woman inside and out. The imagery of "a butterfly released from a cocoon. Your blood that flowed in a circulating currentlike a river inside of a sea."I love that last part, "a circulating currentlike a river inside of a sea."Your words stir emotions, some that have simmered far too long. Beautifully done.By the way, you asked about the picture…it is the same guy sitting on second base…without the guitar. Just me.

  9. >Thanks Brian. This was an emotional piece for me.

  10. >Joy Ann, my mom was lovely inside and out.I miss her every day. Something always remindsme of her.

  11. >Thanks Kenia and a kiss for you 🙂

  12. >That is true Gay. Thanks for stopping by.

  13. >RJ this was an emotional write for me.I believe we never get over losing ourparents.

  14. >Thanks for reading Nomar.

  15. >Tolbert it is a delicate subject. My mom wasgenuinely a wonderful woman. She is truly missed.The photo is very nice, you are a handsome devil:)

  16. >How beautiful Pam..can sense your tender love for this lady and she obviously bestowed her beauty into you…thank you for sharing these moments of your life and your heart….so please to see you featured at Raven Images….congrat's…bkm

  17. >Thank you, Barb for your very kind words.Yes, Gordon Mason gave me the heads up onRaven Images. It is a nice site and I would like to see it succeed.

  18. >Emotional without being overly so. Good flow and images, solid.

  19. >Thanks, Steve, very nice comment:)

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