>An Ode to Pain poets united the poetry pantry #28


I’ve grown weary of …
stones grinding away
the rough edge of a wheel,
smoothing out the cadent
molten material that’s outdated …
Nothing’s left to remove

I’ve become tired of …
living up to others’ expectations
of how it’s supposed to be,
like a burr that sticks you
continuously until blood runs
into a pool and hardens …
No more substance remaining

I’m bored with …
the ones who think they’re
flawless, knowing they always
have something concealed,
not unlike dark shadows
of an eclipsed sun …
Nowhere left to hide

As the leaf said to the flower
“You’ve made me look so pretty”
As the flower said to the bee
“Quit sucking me dry”


18 responses to “>An Ode to Pain poets united the poetry pantry #28

  1. >Very nice, Pamela. 'I'm bored with…the ones who think they'reflawless,…'I know the feeling.

  2. >Pamela,Very strong words.Sometimes, it has to be said, as in 'straight talking'!Best wishes, Eileen

  3. >You eavesdropper, you! This is delightful and more than a little true.

  4. >Wowzers, you zinged this one home, Pamela! The last stanza is especially wonderful.

  5. >I adored this whole piece. Honest and well written! What more can be asked…?

  6. >Pamela – this was fabulous! I loved the different ways you expressed having your fill – and the final stanza summed it all up brilliantly!

  7. >Love the way you mix the profound with the just fun – or is it "just"?

  8. >How annoying they can be, Paul:)

  9. >Same to you Eileen.

  10. >Fireblossom, oh yes, it is;)

  11. >Sometimes you got to do that, Sherry.

  12. >Nunee, thanks for the visit:)

  13. >Too many of them around, Dave

  14. >Weary. Yes. Such a truth here. Well don.

  15. >Jamie, too much truth really.Thanks.

  16. >I enjoyed that, especially the "bored" verse.

  17. >Thanks for the visit Madeleine.

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