>Rocks, Candy and Bouquets #7 writer’s island-epiphany

>It took me a while. A Sunday afternoon in a park.
I looked everywhere, even inside a tree.
It took me some time. A Saturday morning walking the beach.
I looked everywhere, even under shells and seaweed.
Crowded city streets are best for observing.
I looked everywhere, even past the obvious.

Flowers, candy, gems
Vibrant roses, daffodils
Chocolate hearts, diamonds

Flowers will die leaving only wilted stems and petals.
Candy gets eaten, empty wrappers discarded.
Jewels tarnish with time, stones get dull.
My thinking is skewed. Seeing things from a
certain angle. Normalcy is out of reach.
One day you said “Pick up a pen.”

Found freedom in words
Painting a scene on paper
Bringing it to life


10 responses to “>Rocks, Candy and Bouquets #7 writer’s island-epiphany

  1. >Birth of a writer – and I liked the way you slipped in the haiku. Excellent.

  2. >Thanks Anthony and having been inthe commercial advertising fieldfor so many years. Well, V-day isa big one, but all that commercialismleaves me feeling a bit cold.

  3. >Bravo for your epiphany – I can't imagine these prompt sites without you, Pamela.

  4. >Thanks Viv, I have my husband to thank forthe gentle push toward writing. I am a visual artist and worked in the field for many years. But he was really instrumental in telling me to give voice to my words.

  5. >I like this Pamela. And your company. Write on!

  6. >It appears that this was a perfect epiphany for your words paint a most interesting scene…good one here!

  7. >Pamela, I was thinking along the same lines, then decided to just write about the feelings of that experience. You did a wonderful job,and I'm glad you found that epiphany. We'd all be poorer if you hadn't.Elizabeth

  8. >Gloria thanks so much!

  9. >Elizabeth, Until I started writing I was always painting and making pottery. Which I still love, but my writing is a priority and has been for just over a year now. Thanks for the very encouraging words. They are much appreciated.

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