>John Michael poetry tow truck #7-all you need is love / poets united the poetry pantry #29


Backgrounds exist on
every picture painted,
setting my imagination
in proper direction.
Promises kept.
Words we hold
in between. 
A crossing
in the galaxy.
A comfortable chair,
a glove that fits perfectly,
a breeze on a stifling day,
a warm spot to rest
when I think of you.

process notes:
I wrote this poem for my husband.
This is not my usual style but
tomorrow is Valentine’s day.
So here is his present.

22 responses to “>John Michael poetry tow truck #7-all you need is love / poets united the poetry pantry #29

  1. >That is such a lovely poem!

  2. >And what a lovely present! Beautiful, Pamela.

  3. >I do hope you are suitably rewarded.

  4. >What better way to celebrate V-day.Home-cooked meal, quiet time anda good movie.I don't do commercial anymore.Thanks so much Sherry.

  5. >Dave, he was completely surprised andquite happy:)Thanks!

  6. >I know Marian:)He is in fact a great guy.

  7. >Sweet!He's a lucky man.

  8. >Thanks zouxzoux not my usual style of writing.

  9. >Pamela, you have many styles of writing, not only one. Your poem was a beautiful gift to your husband!

  10. >Thanks Mary. I like experimenting withdifferent styles of writing or else Imay get bored. He was surprised and quite happy.Pamela

  11. >Philip, thanks so much:)

  12. >Pamela,An absolute delight to read.I loved the 'coziness' of your words.Best wishes, Eileen

  13. >A lovely poem for a lucky guy, Pamela. 🙂

  14. >I love the form of this… it looks like it's shaped like a king's goblet. Filled with such warm words it makes an amazing gift. 🙂Rhyme Me a Smile

  15. >How lovely! I hope your husband was happily surprised!

  16. >Aw, shucks, thanks Paul.

  17. >Rachel. I hadn't noticed that.Thanks.

  18. >Yeah, he was pleasantly surprised RJ.

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