>When it ends … sunday scribblings #254-A Thousand Years

>I’ll miss the smiles and laughter
on a casual afternoon
You’ll miss them too

I’ll miss the earth’s core
burning molten rock
You’ll miss it too

I’ll miss flowers bending
in sunlight
You’ll miss them too

I’ll miss owls screeching
while pouncing on prey
You’ll miss them too

I’ll miss children running
in the pouring rain
You’ll miss them too

Time will pass
through a
sliver of light …


17 responses to “>When it ends … sunday scribblings #254-A Thousand Years

  1. >Beautifully written…

  2. >Very nice of you Berowne:)

  3. >"Time will pass through asliver of light"very contemplative-and sad…

  4. >What a lyrical way to present the passage of time. Sad, but beautiful.

  5. >One thousand years is hard to fathom, but I like the way you worked this prompt, Pam.

  6. >Times passes by ever so quickly. I'll miss it. You'll miss it too.Nicely written!

  7. >I like the way you have the good and not so good observations intermixed. Life is not all good, and even memories of molten rock and screeching owls are still valuable lessons in life together with laughter and running in the rain.Really touching poem.

  8. >As OldEgg says, there is a fine balance here between hopefulness and melancholy..I wonder who the other person is..I am glad there is someone to share the passage of time with since the loss is so huge to carry..Jae

  9. >Well, we just have to savour all our precious moments now, while we can.

  10. >Abigail, contemplative and yes quite sad.

  11. >I know Mary, but, it was the prompt:)

  12. >Yes, we will warmsunshine.

  13. >All in life is not so pretty, Oldegg.

  14. >Right now there is jae:)

  15. >Pamela,Loved the refrain, "You'll miss it, too."But what got me was the final stanza. Left me breathless! Thanks so much for a wonderful take on the Thousand Years prompt! Peace, Amy BL (Sharp Little Pencil)

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