>A Gift of Wisdom and Comfort we write poems #41-happy valentines

>A gift to myself would
be wisdom that flows
beyond reality’s harshness.
From a wrong angle into right, 
ellipses forming a heart-shaped castle,
encircling jewel’s eternity.

Placing fingertips on an open
flame of a melting candle.
Never feeling heat.
Smoothness takes away
uncertainty’s path.

A gift to my soul would
be comfort that rests lightly,
appearing in fantasy’s gentleness.
From a right angle into wrong,
triangles forming an inverted paradigm,
encapsulating silver walls of infinity.

Running  my hands in flowing,
crystal clear deep descent of water,
never feeling coldness.
Cleanliness removes
traces of pain.


16 responses to “>A Gift of Wisdom and Comfort we write poems #41-happy valentines

  1. >Love the title. Also the "heart shaped castle". Feels gentle and fluid.

  2. >Very enjoyable, stimulatingly different from the normal run.

  3. >Interesting approach to the topic, coming at it at an angle, as it were. A gift to yourself is a way of loving yourself, isn't it. I hadn't thought of that before.

  4. >Wow, Pamela! I love the pairing of wisdom and comfort with the hot and cold. I think these are the gifts we truly would wish for – if we could find the words to say those things (like you just did!)

  5. >Pamela, I always have to read your poems two or three times – the mark of successful writing.

  6. >Really, really like "triangles forming an inverted paradigm". What a wonderful way of saying two hearts blending to make a wholeness. I think you did a wonderful write with a difficult prompt. Hats off to you,Elizabeth

  7. >Thanks Irene. I am so bad with titles, sothat is a real compliment:)

  8. >You are right about that Dave. Normal it is not.

  9. >I believe so Margo, but withoutoverly indulgent.

  10. >You are too kind RJ:)

  11. >Why thank you, Viv.

  12. >Thanks Elizabeth, it wasdifficult.

  13. >I suppose that isgood thing, Gautami.

  14. >You have a wonderful way with words. Comfort and wisdom would be wonderful gifts for us all.

  15. >I know I could always use more Judy.

I appreciate all comments.

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