>And You Thought This Was Love Tuesday Tryouts-Love

>Velvet stairways line the field.
My mind wants to scream.
Cutting small pieces
makes it easier to consume.

Paper and glue
stick together.
Depression and folds,
rounded edges behind a film.

Happy endings wrap around
fixed banyan trees sprouting
green and gold bananas.

Red streams of less misery,
anxiety or restless feelings
spill to the floor,
pick it up.
We are tied in knots.

 Process notes:
 1] LOVE. Think of someone/something you love. It can be a person, someone you know, or don’t – think movie star, or singer, world leader…remember that love has many definitions and they aren’t all the hearts and flowers kind. Think friendships, family, platonic…It can be about your favourite food, place, song, pet. Anything, but read the rules below.
Take six minutes. Freewrite about your love for it WITHOUT using terms of endearment, or the word love/like/adore/or any other abstract synonym. This is trickier than it sounds, but can result in a strong poem.
Stroke/Rewrite as poem.
Prompt by Margo Roby @ http://margoroby.wordpress.com/


5 responses to “>And You Thought This Was Love Tuesday Tryouts-Love

  1. >But I love it. It's like a surrealist meets Valentine's! The imagery is fantastic. Granted the tone is not a happy one, but how marvelously the speaker speaks. Thank you for posting.

  2. >This is lovely poem. I particularly liked the first two stanzas. I beautiful write.

  3. >Oops, I meant 'A' beautiful write. Sorry.

  4. >Thanks for an excellent prompt Margo.

I appreciate all comments.

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