>Empty Lives monday poetry potluck #23-home, temple, sanctum


 Where do they go when no-one wants them
to dirty alleys in a box
or park benches in the rain?
Vacant stares, hopelessness.
A marquee sign reads
“Give love to those
who need it.
No more
process notes:
A nonet has nine lines. The first line has nine syllables, the second line eight syllables, the third line seven syllables, etc… until line nine finishes with one syllable.

12 responses to “>Empty Lives monday poetry potluck #23-home, temple, sanctum

  1. >Holy cow! Somebody's on a real bender!(I don't mean the homeless guy, I mean you with all these posts today! Wow!)

  2. >this is creative and powerful.outstanding job!Happy Potluck!A++

  3. >Eric, I write every day and generallypost a poem to a prompt daily. This is my first poem for today.I work part-time, so I have a lotof free time.

  4. >Very well done. A heartbreaking image, but gracefully presented. Thanks!!

  5. >Powerful poem and sad, Pamela. I will have to try the form. Sounds interesting.

  6. >A challenging form well-handled.

  7. >Form and meaning are both tightly constructed. Nice write!

  8. >Interesting form and a heart wrenching message. Well done!

  9. >Enjoyed the form. I wrote about homelessness, too. Such a tragic problem.

  10. >I think you chose well with the form for this prompt. It seems apropos. Definitely a powerful poem, with an extraordinary voice.

I appreciate all comments.

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