>"Look to the Sky" big tent poetry #44-science


Orion has captured flight in three dimensions,
come closer … you can see him praying on his knees.
He has fed himself with Cygnus served on a silver platter
in the great dining hall of Taurus.

Through a lens observe Boötes chase hunting dogs,
as Aquila flies beside Aries searching for 
the Sea Goat that sleeps on mountainsides
in the shade of day.

Cassiopeia fills everyone’s glass to the brim with ruby liquid,
her pitchfork existence held by prongs placed on
the Altar of the Lizard, who weighs the scales between
life and death of the Southern Cross.
Still she portrays herself as a victim,
Cepheus will no longer drink from her Cup.

Perseus saddles Pegasus to find the Caelum
stolen by the Phoenix on a cold winter’s night.
Sagittarius dons the Bird of Paradise in his wavy hair to
come forward and give a detailed description of the theft.

Andromeda holds court in fairness with Lupus as counsel,
while Hercules guards the threshold from interruptions,
the Peacock spreads its coverts, like a fan keeping vigil.

All of this can be witnessed on an autumn night,
but you must pay close attention …


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