>"Windows Change Lives" NaPoWriMo #8 – a broken window

>Impact of his fist shattered at the door,
too young to comprehend what was going on,
a locked entrance he couldn’t get through,
fear of being left outside alone

It’s perceivable though I wasn’t there
to witness cut veins pouring their lineage
onto concrete slabs, coagulating at his feet

What lies on the other side,
thinking comfort or love was waiting,
only to be left
disappointed, scared

Stitches, fine filament, stop bleeding, 
wounds heal leaving scars
to build a fortress of splintered slivers,
holding edges delicately together

Nightmares in daytime
Nighttime, it’s impossible to rest 
Inconceivable to tear down
what happened when his fist
went through
the glass

Process notes:
This is a true story about someone close to me.

I appreciate all comments.

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