>"Huajuapan de Leon" NaPoWriMo #9-Write about when you don’t feel like yourself


A crowded market where spices
permeate air, hanging heavy on my senses
Lightheaded from apparent motion,
strange languages surround me,
unknown dialects from outlying sierras 
Uncomfortable … I don’t understand what is said,
yet I am fascinated, even if I am anxious
Traditional clothing, patterns I don’t recognize
Dark hair and tanned skin, I stand out like a pale bleached sun
I’m out of place, I try to get in touch with my internal rhyme to
guide me through this uncertain time, entering
into a realm between what is real or imagined
Catching a glimpse of myself as I pass a mirror,
startled by its reflection … light hair, pale skin, blue eyes,
different …

I appreciate all comments.

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