>"Burning Ice" NaPoWriMo #14-Big Tent Prompt-Write an ode to a thing you love in nature.

>Erose is the art of ice …
barren wilderness, no trees …
Antarctic environment’s glassy surface.
Caribou slowly walk, their hooves
pressing into frozen land,
split lines following them to valleys below as
the sun is embedding on glaciers a sense of
time and space; landscapes are vanishing.
Seals with their pups lay on
its melting base in
unsettling atmospheric change.
Hold a cord against strong winds; there’s
intimate music to be heard while
earth’s warmth increases;
thawing evolves into
burning ice.
Plankton measurements decreasing
in a triangle of nature
as tear shaped chunks slide away …
a mournful crash hits a frigid sea.
Contraposition to how I feel while watching the scene …
I retrieve a floating remnant.
Crackling bubble sounds held in my hand …
hoping to preserve a piece of nature’s sculpture.


I appreciate all comments.

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