>"The Sisters" NaPoWriMo #15/ Big Tent Prompt-7. Write a poem that starts, “Legend says ______.”

>Legend says …
Maria’s children followed her to a rising river
Now she cries in the night,
“O-h-h-h, my children!”
La Llorona circling in the darkness,
weeping against the sky,
wandering alone for eternity …
sapphire tears fall from the heavens
Searching for the children,
her resonance is all around me

La Bruja, nocturnal raptor,
owl eyes, strong sleek wings …
how bewitching it is to fly
Searching for souls
lifts you to mountain tops
She chokes you with kisses
while you plead “don’t leave me lifeless”
She returns you to the arms of your sister …
do you still love me beautiful Llorona?

When darkness comes she’ll be hidden in shadows;
you can hear her grievous cry as owls fly overhead

 Latin American legends:
“La Bruja Lechuza” is a Mexican legend. She is a witch who comes to a house in the form of a giant owl-type bird, to take away someone who is close to death.

“La Llorona” translates to “The Weeping Woman”
Here’s a link about her:


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