>"Left for Love and Right for Spite" NaPoWriMo #22-Write a poem that uses a pearl of wisdom or wives’ tale as its title

>In Valhalla,
protecting herself with a blue bead
on a silver string, alternating cycles,
strands of amber spherule, ingesting
them on off days before 
she lights ivory candles in a file;
each one blows out … malevolent presence.
There’s a clover patch outside infinity
fairies tend to it every day,
bringing her batches of 
emerald blessings.   
Balder the Beautiful,
god of joy and gladness,
sits in an armchair amidst confusion;
mistletoe-tipped arrows
fly precisely through the air. 
Death ensues as
earth turns dark, stars have
closed their eyes.
She mourns.

*Balder the Beautiful is a Norse myth about Friday the 13th.


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