“Fairy Tales” NaPoWriMo #24-Big Tent Prompt-Escape

Cinderella stories perpetually don’t have happy endings
Locked inside your wooden box,
walls were sturdy, but too constraining
My gown and glass slippers never fit quite right,
something stifling about them, a bit askew as
seams began to split, glass started to breach
Your lies were clever, concealing them for last
I was gulled or merely naive
I found a small opening to peer out through
Prince Charming serves wonders in fairytale scripts
My thoughts were lace-filled gaps I tried to stitch together,
ruffles were roller coaster rides sending me to the bray
I found a loose board one day while you weren’t watching
and drew a map with beautiful configurations,
landscapes only prevailing in my mind,
a view you tried to barricade
Finally I walked away, not a simple chore,
my hands stuffed deep inside my pockets
Now I take my words, throw
them where I may, where I go
Occasionally we pay for our freedom


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