>"He Sells Pinwheels" #25-NaPoWriMo-Wordle from Brenda W


He doesn’t have a piquant exterior,
plaid waistcoat hangs on a
diminished frame hiding hideous tattoos
of a life lived on the lam
Mothers in the park squeeze
their children’s hands,
walking a bit quicker while passing him,
trying not to steal a glance
He always feels a sharp stab to his being,
though he tries to pretend it isn’t happening
At the end of the day a cheap bottle of wine
does some quenching and replenishes his nerve
to return to his spot holding pinwheels
in his grey hands … fragile as tissue paper
They call him the Eternal Creep,
 and that is how he spends his days

*these words didn’t conjure up the loveliest images for me … sorry 


I appreciate all comments.

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