>"If We Fall Off Center" NaPoWriMo #30-What’s at the center and Write a poem in which the wheels (of a ____) fall off-Big Tent Prompts


Brilliance is centered thinking,
like a stone sparkling in sunlight; 
outer edges reach marrow
There is an exit from the
tunnel leading you to everywhere with anyone
who will wrap their arms around you in the rain,
comforting like an essence of fruition 
until the pivots quit working; wheels
fall in the dirt – lifeless, 
an indication that manufacturing had some serious flaws
They never really cared,
only wanted to play a game of exaction
Resilient, you jump back on the spokes,
teetering your way home
to re-engage your domination while attempting
to adhere with the world surrounding you
* I want to thank everyone who has been with me
on this wonderful, yet exhausting, poem a day journey. 
I’m completely awed by the talent out in this sometimes

perplexing, but always amazing, world we live in.


I appreciate all comments.

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