>"Words Fall in Silence" Wordle 2-A Wordling Whirl of Sundays


Never ending thrumming rifts in swiftness,
in richness spoken, sustaining me, teaching me to see …
gratefully eternal, to know without written labels
metaphorically and grandiose
I’ve been engaging animated scenes, only
given logically to roses’ daily whispered growth

Revenge is done, it’s hoarded my sunshine;
we die begging for such gestures
Beacons have such similarities;
therein, privately, I’m accosted by thirst

I’m elegance converted and resilient
in fortitude on landscapes of vision,
left and done on the terrain in nights fallen, while
sitting on hillsides questioning, scribbling 
Do zenith extensions send me to scintillation?

Under two separate habitations
where dusk nudges blessings,
in freshness holding death’s warmth
I Piqué to and fro in the boxcar of a lonely train until
my aching body will pirouette no more …
wearing kaleidoscopes in death,
left jousted and caviler, spent alone

* I wrote this poem the other day using the prompt from NaPoWriMo
   Prompt #28 “translate a poem”. I used a poem by an Austrian poet, Alfred Brendel.


This poem, however, just sat there staring at me, and when Brenda offered the wordle words I decided to insert the words, which meant  moving a few words around, and this is the final result. Which has no semblance to Alfred’s poem, whatsoever.
Thanks Brenda.

I appreciate all comments.

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