>"A Poem for My Mom-Sylvia"


Like a breeze on my shoulders
warm and caressing, it’s felt
Days pass in sequence,
soft memories of your voice
placed in daedalean packages,
spun with silver and gold …
your eyes of deep blue;
pools of discernment
Love and guidance filled my days,
fain of your unselfish heart
As my tears would fall
you caught them in an abatis-shaped goblet,
banishing them from the atmosphere
You are missed

* I borrowed the following words from Elizabeth Crawford @   http://1sojournal.wordpress.com/
Elizabeth is having a word a day, wordplay at one of her sites.  
I wanted to write a Mother’s day poem, and used three of the words she has posted so far. Thanks Elizabeth.

#4 Dae-dal  > 1. intricate: complex  2. ingenious: skillful,
may imply cunning, or cleverness  3. decorated with
many things: especially natural wonders.

#6 Fain > happily: with gladness or eagerness
willing or eager to do something
compelled: forced by an obligation or circumstance to do something.

1 Ab-a-tis
barricade: a rampart made of felled trees placed so that their bent or sharpened branches face out toward the enemy.


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