>Parking Lots and Studios big tent poetry #48-borrow a line or two


“The only word left is compassion”
We hold it deep, often not releasing it until faced with strife
We know blue is cool like water, red is hot, full of energy,
and a rock from a garden is green, representing fertility
But feelings of sadness visit when least expected
while walking down city sidewalks
looking at skyscrapers

Sincerity is an act, if the trap door slips
how do we pretend nothing has happened
when all photos disappear with each shutter click
As silhouettes lie facing the north, vanishing from vision,
captured forever and bordered
Smashed pieces glow with life on lit edges
like dark clouds looming over figures;
that’s when your hands feel raw from the abrasive
wear on rough edges

Arrangements fill empty parking lots
where Molly found her lost bonnet,
its ends frayed, containing no more magic
Spirals fill abandoned studios
Mandy wears lavender, a delightful aroma
found within leaves hanging on a horizon
“Marvel at the miracle of the ordinary”

* first line is Deb Scott’s and the last is Vivienne Blake’s

I appreciate all comments.

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