Leaves Regret A Whirl of Wordling Sundays #7

It’s your favourite rollercoaster ride into the wind;
spinning, it leaves you unafraid …
a barge that drifts on an inky lake,
you try not to undulate in its presence

It’s stillness of common fear,
confining murmurs of your heart
contained within a purple basin,
broken inside an abyss

Gravestones have been erected
in country to city outlines,
worms burrow in ivy hillsides,
capturing moisture from the night …
lingering in the gaudy glow which
now defines your life


4 responses to “Leaves Regret A Whirl of Wordling Sundays #7

  1. I went to your other blog first and saw the note about this one, so I came here.

    This poem is vivid, yet unsettling to me. I noticed that you posted it in three stanzas at the other blog and only two here, and although the words are the same, the difference in structure slightly alters the meaning, especially since there’s not a period after “presence” in the first stanza.

    If I’m being totally honest, I can’t necessarily say I enjoyed this one, but I do understand and identify with the ideas you’re exploring here. It’s well written and an excellent use of the wordle words.

  2. Traci, when I imported my poems to wp, it changed the stanzas. Thanks for the heads up 🙂

  3. Such sadness… Did I comment on this on your other blog? Good grief the last week has been crazy. I like that you brought moisture seeking worms into the piece. Gaudy glows keep rising out of this wordle. 🙂 I think I’m moving the prompt blog to wordpress, too.

  4. Brenda, I’m not sure why such sadness came from this first pass with the words. I think you did comment on it at blogger? How will it affect the blogger users, if you change to wp? The other day I tried to comment with my wp id on a blogger account, and it was fairly painful. I had to go through so many hoops and loops. I will be looking for your new wordle spot, or just email me.

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