From Cliff to Bottom Collab #5 Forest Floor -Unraveling Collaborative Poetry

His ego masked in
takes a fall
wind underneath
at a cliff’s edge
situated needles
menacing his descent
a rush through reality
to the forest’s floor


10 responses to “From Cliff to Bottom Collab #5 Forest Floor -Unraveling Collaborative Poetry

  1. Nicely done, Pamela! You bring an interesting view of the painting to life.

  2. Great rhythm again, Pamela. “descent” not “decent”?

  3. Thanks Brenda, I wrote this in a hurry. I was fairly busy this week. You should check out Elizabeth’s site on collab poetry.

  4. Great take on the image, how would one get there to see that, lol. And so glad I could finally get here. Have bookmarked it, that should help a great deal. Thank you so much for joining in,


  5. Thanks Elizabeth. I am glad you were able to get here, also. As for the view, it is what I saw for some reason. A free fall through the trees.

  6. Your words have so connected with the image, Pam. An unexpected journey, I’m sure. Nicely done.

  7. Thanks Renee, funny how everybody sees things differently.

  8. I’m here at last! WP doesn’t seem to want me to visit you; I came via your email.

    It was worth the wait 🙂

  9. Thanks Tilly. It is my fault. I changed the title of my blog and it didn’t match the link. Now, I think all is well, since I changed it back.

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