The Road to Tehaucan One Shot Wednesday #50

On this highway where life lies in the land,
small pools of numbed sunlight break through clouds

Constant movement around me as I drift off
to a restaurant with checkered tablecloths;
a bottle of Chianti; warm baguettes with freshly churned butter
make a felicitous wedlock

Light’s atmosphere hurts the senses, pressing down;
God’s designer sunglasses are little help

Walking on uneven sidewalks, every scissure has distinct personality;
only you would notice
Scent of patchouli brings relaxation to a caffeine injected area

Taking a siesta with dreams of evening showers; lightning fills the sky;
while standing barefoot in water, bolts dance round me

Watching a herd of goats trek down the hillside … preparation for the feast;
fed only salt for 111 days, hydration coming from plants

Traveling here always fills me with curiosity;
watching gasoline rainbows rise from this highway


21 responses to “The Road to Tehaucan One Shot Wednesday #50

  1. love all the textures you captured of the place…that which sets it apart…gasoline rainbows…nice parting visual…

  2. Pamela, The narrator observes. I love how you got the idea of a coffee shop across through the scent of patchouli and a “caffeine injected area.” This is my favorite of your pieces thus far. I want to read it, and read it again. You create images with surprising word choice and precision. Bravo!

  3. There are so many delicious work choices here. Just lovely, lovely visions and ideas. Great write, Pamela.

  4. I agree with Brenda. This is wonderful! Excellent writing, and I really like the new blog!

  5. You bring this place to life in your crisp, measured phrases. Nicely structured so it almost feels cinematic.

    I’m glad you reminded me you were over here–I’m not a fan of wordpress, but I know blogger has been acting up a lot lately. This is a very different look, also crisp and clean. Good luck with it.

    • Thanks Joy. I wasn’t sure if you knew that I had moved. I am not cluttering up this site like I did at blogger. Too much of my life exposed. I am a fairly private person, and this suits me better.

  6. Lots of ‘felicitous wedlock’ here combining unexpected images. ‘ Numbed sunlight,’ ‘gasoline rainbows,’ among many, strike the eye.

  7. Interesting Pam sounds like a great lesson on the area….love the gasoline rainbows….one can feel the heat as and the landscape in your writing…bkm

  8. Thanks Barb. It was taken from my observations of this place and some talk of the slaughter of the goats. It’s an annual tradition. Though I never tried the dish, I have eaten goat before and didn’t much like it.

  9. Great writing, mixing and matching word invoking the ever changing world around us, nice job!

  10. Thanks Pat and thanks for visiting my new blog.

  11. This poem is a journey in images, Pamela. I like it!

  12. Mary, the highway is a wondrous journey in itself. Thanks.

  13. I know I read this one before …and a wonderful read the second time also..the vivid images tell so much of what you have seen…bkm

  14. This is such a wonderful mood piece – such a sense of the place and relaxing atmosphere. Really beautiful poetry.

I appreciate all comments.

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