“Don’t Start That Again” We Write Poems #58-double double toil and trouble, a little cocktail of wordies

Some stories alter
perception of our lives,
thinking in abstract patterns

You are so fond of
ringing doorbells or
knocking on doors
until knuckles ache
Surrounded by neighboring,
tranquil rose bushes,
a yellowjacket has caught your attention …
blameless as it circles you

Waiting for white, old age
to catch the next train out of town
You wish to arrive on time with
reservations in a sleeper;
its curves slant you horizontally

Turning a snow globe over
in your hands in slow repetitions,
counting to a hundred one …
reciting tales you’ve
constructed like a playground,
thinking in abstract patterns

Process notes:
This was an interesting exercise. I’m not sure,
if I’m all that pleased with the results. I may
come back to it in the future. I borrowed from the
Sunday Wordle: wish, sleep and stories
Three Word Wednesday: Fond,Alter and Tranquil
Poetic Asides: Don’t start that again (title)


8 responses to ““Don’t Start That Again” We Write Poems #58-double double toil and trouble, a little cocktail of wordies

  1. Wow, I thought the snow globe is really interesting and the penultimate stanza. Like!

  2. Irene, I am glad you liked it. Thanks for stopping by.

  3. Pamela, there is so much truth in that first stanza; isn’t that why we read stories? I love the train imagery in that middle stanza. And “reciting tales you’ve / constructed like a playground” – such a beautiful image – it speaks volumes. Is “thinking in abstract patterns” your reflection on this process? (Just curious). If it is, you’ve made it very concrete and very much your own.


  4. There’s so much about this poem to appreciate Pamela. Maybe someday you wanna revisit, well that’s fine, but not because there’s any “lack” but only more to discover and reveal. This poem’s language is so very tight and rightly fit (although not feeling in the least, forced to be that way). The more times I read it, the more obvious that was to see. There are circles within circles. Beautifully done!

    And what a wonderful collaboration of images! The doorbells and knuckles and yellowjackets, the repeated “whites” of age and snow-globes, the train – wonderful rich imagery. I enjoyed the simple act of reading this poem. (And you only make me more glad for the next WWP prompt, that we might all more focus and see as you do right here.) ~neil

  5. Oh, Richard, I think quite abstractly all the time. Thanks for the prompt idea.

  6. Neil, I really appreciate your thoughtful comment. I will revisit this one day, so as to maybe clarify some points in it. I love the fact, that you could see below its surface.

  7. There is always so much going on in your poems. It forces me to slow down and that’s a good thing. I don’t want to miss the wonderful diverse imagery you create. I really relate to sitting in a chair while the party is going on in the next room, lol. And you opening line pulls one into all of the experience. Thank you,


  8. Elizabeth, I thought maybe too much might be going on here, but it leaves some revision in mind. Thank you.

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