“A House on the Beach” Friday Poetically with Brian Miller

Umbrellas shade billboard designs
while little girls primp reciting John 3:16

The invention of tires and focas with
asymmetrical lines crossover dimensions

An oceanfront view induces flooding, lifting
water to the rafters of your A-frame house

Laminated caudros hung high out of reach
from your extended arms

The wind whips like a snake, searching for
its prey … rattles and hisses through open windows

Sand fills an empty glass lying on its side

foca: lightbulb
caudro: picture
in Spanish


20 responses to ““A House on the Beach” Friday Poetically with Brian Miller

  1. ha. this is like a mind trip through the picture…nice inclusions of the spanish as well…and you were able to pull off a nice flow to it…

  2. Good take on the picture with a Spanish flair. I enjoyed your poem.

  3. A great tour through the painting. I thought I heard Timothy Leary, jj.
    Excellent job. I enjoyed it more than the painting.


  4. Henry, now I have that song in my head by the Moody Blues 😉
    Thanks for visiting my new blog, and for the nice comment.

  5. Oh, Pamela, this is so good. It felt like you took us right inside the painting.

  6. restless and vivid =)

  7. I love the title of this poem, and you have shown us another way in to Rosenquist’s world. Thank you.

  8. i like the “detached” voice of this…displays the style of the painting where rosenquist puts together different pieces that does not seem to connect first..good job

  9. Excellent piece, Pamela. I like your journey through the elements of the painting. I tried yesterday, but I’m up at my folks’ and writing doesn’t flow as well for me here, there are too many distractions. “The wind whips like a snake, rattles and hisses through open windows” is right on, we live in one of Montana’s windy cities.

  10. Didn’t see the painting, but enjoyed all the visual images you “painted”. I like how water and wind are present – and that final image of the sand in the glass.


  11. Pam,
    Great! A walk through in the elements of colors and verse.

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