Stars Collaborative Poetry #6-unraveling

expounding thoughts
released array of
lucid estrellas crowd
the night sky, encapsulate
visions lost to an unaware
eye, purplish pinpoints pushing all
veils from the underside of lost knowledge


10 responses to “Stars Collaborative Poetry #6-unraveling

  1. persistence pays! This unfolds beautifully, and the last line is a triumph.

  2. Thanks Viv. I wanted to try this form with the image. Actually, the etheree is feeling a bit more comfortable.

  3. I see the bouquet is spreading. Who need Interflora? Good to see you joining in our fun

  4. Pamela, sorry for not getting here sooner, been a bit under the weather and now just trying to catch up. I love what you did with the image and the Etheree seems to work well when responding to an image prompt. At least, I find that it does. Really like the idea of stars bursting out all over. Thanks so much for joining in,


  5. Beautiful imagery and words to go with!

  6. Thanks Renee, I like this form. You should join us 🙂

  7. I love this Pamela. We both saw stars! 😉

  8. We did indeed, Susannah 🙂

I appreciate all comments.

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