“Jim” Saturday Celebrations: The Doors and Poet Jim Morrison

Exotic gambling casinos are crowded every day.
People there smell dark, coming at you from
somewhere deep beneath the surface.
Sitting on the coast with a Jack on the rocks
in your hand, you realize it’s a cup of grape Kool Aid
with LSD; consume it. Walls embrace you.

The sun’s always bright
Water is cold or frozen
It all leaves quickly

Peoples’ muscles bend and slack while walking.
The smell of lightness, coconut and cocoa makes
you long for a nude beach; thinking in natural configurations,
it suits your mind; you’ve heard of one called Zipolite,
but the road is very dangerous and craggy.
You board the next bus out of town.

Get off the lost seat
Sweep the dirt from your blue jeans
They’re waiting for you


8 responses to ““Jim” Saturday Celebrations: The Doors and Poet Jim Morrison

  1. Nice prompt write – the strange from his perspective…much enjoyed! ~ Rose

  2. Very trippy and like one of those not very well remembered days in a strange locale. I think JM would love this.

    CB (Fireblossom)

  3. Oh my stars, the stories you’ll have to tell when you get wherever it is you’re going, if you ever get there. It’s the journey that counts. 🙂

  4. good one Pam….thanks for sharing….wow you have been writing lots…..spring…gardening..painting.etc…..still trying to write some though…take care

  5. Wayne, on most weekends and some evenings, I try to write in any free time I have. My husband does the gardening. I haven’t even finished two pastels, that I started last year. Now, you have reminded me, thanks.

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