“Her Flight Becomes Ours” The Sunday Whirl #9-A Baker’s Dozen





She flies across corn fields to open skies,
teaching us to wrap ourselves in threads of stardust

On the tips of her gossamer wings there is flight
at the root; blood
in between is the temple of her bones,
holding stories of rainbow-coloured serpents
who light darkness with their sparks
to lead you through smallest slits of time

She etches out the path precisely,
leaving nothing tangled


28 responses to ““Her Flight Becomes Ours” The Sunday Whirl #9-A Baker’s Dozen

  1. I’m loving everything about this… the description of wing tipss through to the temple of her bones is brilliant. The imagery is strong, and the ending—perfect.

  2. Thanks Brenda. I had this vision in my mind when I saw those words. I read all the other poems, before posting it. I am dazzled by all the diverse takes on the words. I kept seeing a bird-like woman for some reason. Thanks for the prompt site.

  3. I love, love, love this! You always come up with something brilliant. This is filled with wonderful images and writing!

  4. You are always so splendidly nice, Marianne. Thanks 🙂

  5. I can see her. Are you familiar with the paintings of Susan Seddon Boulet? She has painted images that are quite similar to what you have written here. Beautiful as always Pamela,


  6. Can’t you just she her? Flying, wings spread, sending the message, Elizabeth. I am not familiar with her work, but I will Google her. Thanks so much.

  7. Enigmatic and beautiful.

  8. yes the temple of bones and the journey are lovely

  9. I really enjoyed this and especially loved the line – ‘in between is the temple of her bones.’

  10. This is beautifully written, Pamela. Precise, rather than tangled, paths ARE best!

  11. I love the journey you take us on with her, quite magical.

  12. What a wonderful direction to take, totally unlike any of the others I’ve seen for this prompt. Magical.

    • Mike, I wrote this when I first looked at the words, but didn’t edit it. (I edit everything, I write)
      Instead, I went to read all the other responses. I noticed mine was quite different, but I was happy with the direction I took.
      Thanks for stopping by.

  13. Way kool, Top notch wordling. Nothing forced, just a great poem. I like that leaving nothing tangled. Sometimes one short line can have a many sentence meaning. Great work


  14. Pamela, This is a great mix of the visceral and the fantastic.

  15. I love this one, it’s great poetry, and very appealing to a visual artist. I wrote more poetry in the last two months, but sort of dark existentialist–most but not all. Love the blog Pamela, I’ll put it on my blogroll. And thanks for posting my sculpture.

  16. This is magnificent writing, Pamela! I love it – on the tips of her wings, flight, at the root, blood. Wowzers!

  17. That is a high order, thanks Sherry.

  18. Pamela, it has a beautiful mythic quality. I love “there is flight / at the root” and that ending that precise etching.


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