“August Anniversaries” Margo Roby:Tuesday Tryouts-Lost

Seemingly well-balanced,
take feelings and shove them aside;
determined we walk to the closest
point of comfort
We can’t miss those who remain

People seen in dreams
leave an impression

Voices lie inside your head …
an inflection in sound

Faces with strong outlines
drawn distinctly in memory

Don’t confront insecurities;
somehow they fit inside

Rainy, gloomy days; reminders of
walking in the cemetery,
feet sinking in the fresh earth


6 responses to ““August Anniversaries” Margo Roby:Tuesday Tryouts-Lost

  1. I like how the line breaks work in this, Pamela. That and the punctuation allow for plenty of nuance. Even though they are the saddest part of the poem, I love the last five lines, especially “somehow they fit inside/Rainy, gloomy days;”.


  2. Sometimes all of this is what makes a difference to helps us through. Comfort comes in many ways. Reminds me of after mom died and the things one does in the after time. Very well done.

  3. Pamela,, the sense of desolation cries out of your poem., so few words to convey the loss.

  4. Viv, don’t know how i missed your comment. The anniversary of my brother’s passing is coming up. So, when I saw this prompt, it brought that to mind.

I appreciate all comments.

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