Kisses for New York The Sunday Whirl #10





Copper celluloid splits frames,
silence punctuates haze,
strands of hair kiss
your face, changing  moment’s shape

Sands lifted by winds
travel circles round desolate surfaces;
feeling guilty you struggle
to pray for pardoning grace

Shadows inhale dignity;
your soul flits further away …
peppered with moon’s malevolence
to lie in shades of misery past


25 responses to “Kisses for New York The Sunday Whirl #10

  1. Pamela, Images and feelings of disconnect loom through this piece. Each stanza gets a bit stronger, then pow! Peppered with moon’s malevolence. I love that line, but it scares me some, too.

  2. Brenda, this was heavily influenced from watching the news. I see and hear such nonsense coming from the right-wing. With the recent same sex marriage law being passed, well, suffice to say Republicans aren’t very happy. I salute New York for passing the bill!


  3. indeed kisses to NY…..and vomit it FOX (news)????…nicely done Pam and happy trails

  4. That last stanza is something special, Pamela.

  5. Wayne, I have always been proud to be a New Yorker. I am just more so now. We don’t get FOX here with our cable company, which suits me just fine. I watch CNN, though I find them a decent news channel, unfortunately they are even leaning toward the right.

  6. Thanks Viv, I had some trouble with the words today. I appreciate the nice comment 🙂

  7. Thanks Laurie. Current affairs will do that to someone.

  8. Once again, your language and images flow, setting a tone that is both haunting and intriguing. Tiny details that tell a story: strands of hair that kiss face, the prayer for pardoning grace, and peppered with moon’s malevolence. Fantastic Pamela,


  9. “strands of hair kiss your face” – I love the imagery of that Pamela. 🙂

    Nice writing.

  10. Yes, Kisses to New York. Current events can provoke some good poetry. Excellent use of wordle words, Pamela.

    • Mary, I am delighted with New York’s decision. I am hoping it will be an example for the world. I am so weary of the right-wind politicians condemning everyone who doesn’t think and act like them. Essentially same sex marriage is a hot item for them to rail on about.

  11. Thank you for the lovely comment. Your prose is gentle but, also hits home in its quiet determination to shake off a past of pain, perhaps.
    I’m so thrilled to see your remarks here about the new same -sex laws in NY. You know the UK and Canada have had equal same-sex rights for more than 10 years and the countries have not fallen into anarchy and, there has been no riots or a falling off of church going believers corrupted by gays.
    Oragnised religion created their own beliefs and changed their laws as and when it suited them to corrupt them to remain in their positions of power. Whomever thinks the Pope is all about religion is looking at the world through rose coloured glasses. It’s all about politics and power and back-stabbing people to get it, they all are.
    Jesus didn’t need a church to pray, he tried to teach us ‘the way’…we totally misunderstoof and corrupted those teachings. Our body is our temple and if our mind is ‘at one’ with our God, we are following God’s way, not mans.
    I find America to be so modern in many ways but, so corrupt by politicians and religious leaders who cannot make a move unless they test the water first to see if their ratings will drop in the polls…. crazy now. Not real life at all.
    Thanks for all that you said… I’d better jump back off my soap box now, this was your show, not mine…. .LOLLOL

  12. I just had to add a P.S. If homosexuality is so wrong, why does it exist in both the animal and plant kingdoms? Or did God forget to give them the same rules? Why are there both plants and certain creatures that change their sex as their surroundings dictate and why are some also androgynous? And, no-one in the right mind would chose the pursecution they have to endure sometimes of being ‘gay’ if it was simply a matter of choosing a lifestyle. No-one would chose that misert if it was that simple.
    Before Christianity hijacked God, there were equal Gods and Goddess’s each as important as the other. Duailty. Man has hidden the importance of women because it suited him to do so.
    I bet God/The Gods laugh at us mortals….LOL Ok. I’m off before I get lynched for speaking my mind.

  13. You won’t get lynched here, ddt 🙂 It is all about freedom of speech.

  14. ‘Shadows inhale dignity’ – wonderful!

  15. I know you titled this Kisses for New York, and your subsequent comments indicate the current political/social issues situation there prompted it, but I read this poem on a more personal level, as being about a person searching for grace, restoration of dignity, and a way to move beyond the past. It works on that level for me.

  16. We all read things are own way, Traci.

  17. This wordle took us all in such different directions! I love the verbs that power your poem. And I enjoyed reading the poem in the context of the title and the news. Indeed, kisses for New York.


  18. I love “shadows inhale dignity” – that is a great line. I had the feeling of watching the news. There are so many worthwhile causes, and I always feel guilty, as if I’m not doing enough. Kisses for you, your poem, and New York!


  19. I am *blushing* Richard, thanks. I know how you feel. Living in another country there is not much I can do, but I am very proud of my birthplace doing the right thing.

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