“Cacti Want to be Flowers” We Write Poems #60-Write here, (bigger) now

Rain soaked cars glide down
streets breathing wetness

Glistening trees in puddles
penetrate heat

Cacti cry in empty sky
for smoothness in a vendor’s tear

Milk chocolate babies held by
mothers; lost eyes fall in elliptical rain

20 responses to ““Cacti Want to be Flowers” We Write Poems #60-Write here, (bigger) now

  1. Beautiful title, lush images, splendid language, all of it slick with that wetness… this is wonderful. That title especially is powerful. Thank you for the prompt as well; obviously you put it to good use!

  2. This is wonderfully observed. Every image clearly described. I love it!

  3. After reading the poem a couple of times, what I like the best is I can see you. Because you asked us to write what we see, we are the speakers in our poems, to whatever degree. And I can visualise you seeing these images. Love the title.

    Thank you for both weeks’ prompts, Pamela.


  4. Pamela, this is wonderful. I especially liked the second stanza. You have created a moistly visual poem. I enjoyed this prompt – and last week’s very much!

  5. Wow! That is incredible! Cacti do want to be flowers, and sometimes they are. Beautiful, briefly in hot desert.

  6. This is beautiful, Pamela. Where do you come up with all these striking images?

  7. nice thoughts…nice words…nice observations Pam……thanks for sharing..AND thnks for the prompts…..good prompts….sitting in my studio..stuck for words…stuck for paiintings…..just have to look out the window….to the lush forest..Rocky Mtns….and we have this small creek that runs through…..unbelievable…..and always gets my juices flowing….and if that doesnt work…..well there is ALWAYS CUBA…..happy trails

  8. Pamela, The focus on wetness works well in the piece. Cacti and the vendor’s tear is my favorite image. Well, that and the ending. Excellent poem.

  9. Brenda, there are many flower vendors on street corners here, and cacti everywhere you look, even in my yard. Thanks for the nice comment.

  10. Love it Pamela, the language, love the vendor’s tears. Hope you know you rock, lady. And thanks for the prompts, they certainly brought me a great deal more than I expected.


  11. Another fabulous poem! My favourite line of so many is:

    streets breathing wetness

  12. Thanks Tilly. If I watch the cars, that is the feeling I get. Like they are breathing in the rain.

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