“An Old Oak Desk” Creative Writing Prompts for Writers:Anjie (blog author)

An eraser

I have taken
each line of
your crooked
cerebral exchange …
sending particles
into a lost freedom

A screwdriver

A planed out, fine
edged distantness
has made this
living room look
like a cozy café
sitting under a warm

A dog collar

Restraints in a weary
song, strings
are replaced on a subtle
wave of a bird sitting
on the patio in
acid rain

A matchbook

A sulfuric smudge
is lifted by sparks,
lit in a dark corner
glowing beyond
my capabilities
or desires

A spool of thread

A wire of cataclysmic
colours spiral forward,
resting in your palm
to disintegrate
when strong winds
enter its foyer

Process notes:
Creative Writing Prompts for Writers:

Junk vs. Treasure Writing Prompts with Donna Vorreyer

For today’s prompt, gather five everyday household or junk drawer items. Grab them quickly without too much forethought. Go do it. Now. (Not trying to be bossy, but having them before you read on works best.)

Now that you have your items, arrange them in order on the table. (Items 1,2,3, etc.) You will now use them to create either a series of small poems (or a short story, if you are a prose writer) with a narrative that incorporates these items as integral parts of the story.

There are some examples at the site. http://promptsforwriters.blogspot.com/

12 responses to ““An Old Oak Desk” Creative Writing Prompts for Writers:Anjie (blog author)

  1. Pamela, you have written about the ‘ordinary’ in an ‘extraordinary’ way!

  2. Mary, you should check out this site. Anjie offers weekly writing prompts. Thanks.

  3. I like these very much.

  4. Thanks Donna. They pretty much wrote themselves. I loved this prompt as well.

  5. A good prompt has produced some fine work here, Pamela. My favourite is the screwdriver, especially the image of the cafe/lounge.

  6. love these discoveries =)

  7. I really enjoyed these Pamela. Particularly ‘An eraser’.

  8. Put them all together and…Magic! I love to go shopping for antiques and this so gives thought to my many outings. Nicely done!

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