Scarlet and Bursts The Sunday Whirl #11




A ruinous siren flies
on floss-flecked limbs,
dagger tucked
´neath scarlet sash …
tossing mirth in fading day;
hurtling bursts clear waves,
reaching the fresh solar shore;
she turns her gaze toward
innocence as solemn music fades


32 responses to “Scarlet and Bursts The Sunday Whirl #11

  1. spooky, feels like a science fiction landscape

  2. I like “floss flecked” limbs, and agree with janet….I can picture the siren as an anime’ character. Well constructed, Pamela.

  3. I also liked the siren, as well as the phrase, “she turns her gaze towards innocence.” Lovely – and surprisingly compact – use of the Wordle. Congrats!

    Thx also for the address thing. I think WordPress grabbed the Gravatar and made that your link. Odd, three people had the same problem… Here’s my Sunday Scribbling… Thanks! Amy

  4. Like your unusual imagery and how you worked these words. I saw her. You drew a very distinct portrait. Really like that last line,


  5. My reaction was the same as Lucychili. A fine poem that repays several readings.

  6. A ruinous siren? wow. I really like the portrait of her.

  7. I agreen with Irene. You described this siren and her work well!

  8. Very scifi/fantasy – I enjoyed reading this one. I could see her as the antagonist in a movie or novel.

  9. I too like ‘flies on floss-flecked limbs’. People have had to be particularly creative with the word floss, so it’s fun to see it in all its incarnations. I like it when a poem wrestles me to the ground. The results are always fun to see.


  10. Exotic imagery. I agree with the others it has a science fiction/fantasy feel.

  11. Cool site, Pamela. I have just finished moving. Please note my new email address – 🙂

  12. Got it, Sherry and thanks.

  13. A very striking scene… I can only imagine how innocence fared up against such a daunting gaze.

  14. Francis, the other half of her story remains to be written 🙂

  15. Nicely done, Pamela! I love floss-flecked limbs. I have not managed to work floss into my wordle poem yet.

  16. Very dark and menacing and, who is the innocent?
    Loved the use of the wordle words. A good read, thanks. 🙂

  17. I like the open-ended story. Our girl’s a pirate-siren, and she’s fun.

  18. This poem has so much movement at the beginning, and I love how it decrescendos with the fantastic last two lines.

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