As Walls of the Earth Collapse-Poets United Thursday Think Tank #56 Reading

Descending coal mines
where soot disguises,
I hear the horse’s whinny,
buckets on pulleys being
shoved on warped wheels
beneath me

It’s sweltering … a gloomy darkness
I can’t sense
blueness of day or flowers swaying
in fields
from my suspended workspace

Though I can feel
her soft auburn curls brush
against my arm like feathers
trying to brush away the heat

My stomach aches
as explosions splinter
walls, laying me down in
the earth’s furnace;
water swells my lungs;
the horse’s cry fades away

Process notes:
Inspired by the novel “Germinal”, my all time favourite.


18 responses to “As Walls of the Earth Collapse-Poets United Thursday Think Tank #56 Reading

  1. I love this one, Pamela… especially the third stanza.

  2. Pamela,
    A very well written appreciation of a coal mining incident and the passion and fear of the human distress.
    An excellent choice of novel!

  3. wonderful response to the prompt

  4. Fantastic, Pamela, you took us there. My lungs ached as I read it:)

  5. As I was reading this I was thinking, ‘Zola’ and then I got to then end and saw your inspiration was Germinal. I’ve read it several times but only for study, not, I admit for pleasure! Still it was a powerful book.

  6. You have piqued interest and curiosity with your images and words. Wonderful when someone’s written words make such a deep and lasting impression. Sort of like carrying the characters right there inside, like people met, but never forgotten.


  7. So often there are stories of coal miners and the hardships they face. This describes it very aptly. Well done.

  8. Wow, this was amazing and now I so want to read the book~ The imagery was stunning~

  9. Thanks for stopping by, Ella.

I appreciate all comments.

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