“Old Paisley Eyes” The Thursday Think Tank #57-Loneliness

Trembles darken your colorless orchard,
draining infinite seasons corrupted,
search for an exit to temper the final disgrace

Yet your handkerchief is frayed;
as apple cuts stem to split with a snap,
whiskey dangles your fingers

When violet streams finally arrive,
you don’t have a table to rip the grooves

But you watch infused Kona beans seep through a filter,
and the perk … better than music’s aroma,
comforting, dripping down the sides,
your love of flashbulbs exploding your eyes

In your court you throw hoops in silence; as no-one
watches, you toss toward the sun


14 responses to ““Old Paisley Eyes” The Thursday Think Tank #57-Loneliness

  1. great response to the prompt

  2. Wonderful, so well guided and the imagery so strong I could smell the Kona~

  3. Yes, very strong visuals. Caught me right up in it all with all senses on alert and involved. Very nice.


  4. So many wonderful lines Pamela!
    My favourite. . . “whiskey dangles your fingers”
    Nice response to the prompt.

  5. A lot of good things here. Very enjoyable.

  6. I could almost feel the apple juice seeping out of the cracks at the stem. Very picture filled and lovely

  7. I can really feel the loneliness in this piece, Pamela.

  8. I found you! I went back to your old blog and there was a link. You are now in my google reader so i don’t misplace you again. I liked both this one and your latest post, but this one spoke to me just a little louder–the images are so evocative of being solitary, of the indignity and loneliness of age. So glad to get you back on my radar, pamela.

    • Thanks. Joy. I see the new site started yesterday. I hope to write to it on Tuesday. This poem was sitting round and I wasn’t sure what to do with it. Then Poets United had the “loneliness” prompt, and it just fit.
      I wish I knew how to follow you, but I just go to the old blog to see what you have posted. Sometimes I don’t comment if I haven’t participated in that particular prompt. I feel like I am crashing in on the party 🙂 I always love your work.

  9. Your comments are always welcome, pamela. But there are so many prompts sometimes the poetry blogisphere resembles one of those super highway spaghetti bowl intersections. I hate that word press and blogger don’t play well together, but the google reader(comes with gmail, I think) works with both–also is great for blogs that have hard to read fonts or colors. I love it, just like I love reading your work on it.

  10. I like that ending. Loneliness can be defiant, too.

  11. wow…strong voice and visuals in this…i will be honest i dont know how to feel about the person described…this just hits well like pow pow pow…

  12. I agree with Brian, not sure what to think of this person. Is he/she lonely or perhaps only solitary? I like that it leaves me wondering……

  13. Enjoyed the reread, pamela–and so glad you posted it with dVerse so i had the opportunity–it’s a very concise and well crafted poem, with a lush visual overlay that almost burns the eyes with its ‘violet streams’

I appreciate all comments.

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