“Sprinkles of Sunset” Margo Roby’s Tuesday Tryouts: Something Old, Something New

Blue sugar skies breathe the moon,
herons nestled in fragile bones,
painted time is converted
as it revolves on spiracle dance

Pages scented with musk of
delicacy under the sunset …
cinnamon splashes ochre dreams
filling antiquated books of

Thespians cavorting on
a stage in the foreground
Somewhere on the breakers,
salt spray fills my night

process notes:
I chose the following words for this,






12 responses to ““Sprinkles of Sunset” Margo Roby’s Tuesday Tryouts: Something Old, Something New

  1. What fun. I loved seeing the words you associated with the prompt words and I love the feel of you poem. There is a delicacy.

  2. You excelled in a devious prompt (thank you Margo). Bringing together four words from your own subconscious is an interesting experment. I keep wishing I had a deeper foundation in psychology. There must be a way to get a psycholological reading from the words we choose. Yours feel mysterious and a little strange. I suspect cold medication.

  3. Pamela, This is an amazing poem. Now I have to go read Margo’s prompt. 🙂 I especially love the first stanza. ~Brenda

  4. Vivid images that will stay with me for a while, Pamela. Fascinating words!

  5. Liked ‘spiracle dance’ and all the colours/smells.

  6. Pamela, your poem is like an impressionist painting – full of colour and life. I found this prompt really difficult, and you have sailed through it: bravo.

  7. Thanks, Viv. I really enjoyed this prompt. I can see working with it, in the future.

I appreciate all comments.

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