“Smoky Mirrors” The Sunday Whirl #13

Iridescent flaps wither forlorn
emerald balconies, as a pantomime

jostles spectators observing divine
voids; glorious scattered illusions,

feeling rhythm, ominous vision …
celestial bones ask faded dismay


15 responses to ““Smoky Mirrors” The Sunday Whirl #13

  1. The title is interesting for the idea of divine voids!

  2. Thanks, Irene. I thought these were going to be more difficult, but they proved me wrong.

  3. Great use of the wordle words… especially “pantomime
    jostles spectators”

  4. Beautifully done, Pamela.

    ” celestial bones ask faded dismay “

  5. Free flow of a wonderful form of wordling words. Brilliant form!

  6. An excellent picture of disillusionment, Pamela.

  7. I like anything that uses the word forlorn. And I love the image I have of a whole bunch of people on a balcony staring at nothing.

  8. You did this so well!

  9. I found the wordle words difficult to sculpt this week for some reason.
    This on the other hand, is lovely.

  10. Like this slow deliberate waltz of words, flowing through a crowd of spectators silenced by something they do not understand, can’t begin to comprehend, and are jostled by the discomfort that creates.


  11. I have not been able to write anything I like with this week’s wordle words. On the other hand, you have done a magnificent job of putting them together, Pamela. I love:”celestial bones ask faded dismay.”

  12. You’ve done a great job here, Pamela. My favourite line is “glorious scattered illusions.” The older I get the fewer illusions are left!

  13. I’ll be honest, Pamela – I don’t really get it. But it sounds fabulous on the tongue.

  14. Thanks everyone for the nice comments. Oh, Tilly, most times what I write makes little sense to me.

I appreciate all comments.

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