“To Steal the Light” We Write Poems #63: Bricks are made like this!

Dovish girls
sighing wispy lightness
grasp etuis in delicate fingers;
wandering mornight

auriferous facades
excogitate plans to capture
daylight … lining up in
excentric rows

Process notes:
Oxford dictionary;
mornight-period of time in the early morning when it’s still dark
dovish-docile, gentle
auriferous-of rocks or minerals; containing gold
excentric-not placed centrally
etui-small ornamental case for holding needles, cosmetics etc…
excogitate-think out, plan or devise


33 responses to ““To Steal the Light” We Write Poems #63: Bricks are made like this!

  1. I like muchly your words and your poem.

  2. Well done, Pamela, your word choice is interesting. I’ve never heard of an etui, but I’ve seen them in glass cases at antique and secondhand stores. You paint a vivid picture of a plot afoot!

  3. Enjoyed this verbosity! “Excentric”?

  4. Pamela- I’m so glad you put the meanings at the bottom, and the title helped, too… are they putting on make-up or working in a garden? Or am I totally off?

  5. Laurie, I was thinking they were just trying to find their way out of the darkness. What is in the etuis, is up to your imagination 🙂

  6. loved the flow of your poem and the words you chose

  7. Thanks for stopping by, Isabel.

  8. I like your poem, Pamela. Sort of an etui for words.

  9. Although your choice of words was new to me, I got an image while reading the poem, of all the young women in a previous century going off to work in sewing factories and such, wanting to hold back those long hours of daylight slavery.


  10. Love “auriferous”. The whole poem fits with that one.

  11. Clever of Barb: an etui for words! Delightful. And Joseph is right about the word ‘auriferous’ — it feels good saying it. I like ‘mornight’ and ‘dovish’ which create an old-fashioned feel.

  12. Great words, Pamela! I liked excogitate. It reminded me of Wallace and Gromit!
    Dense, challenging, and satisfying!

  13. Fabulous choice of words!

  14. ooo I love the vocabulary here – “mornight” is brilliant – and they’re all used so well here – nice!

  15. I love the “new” (to me) words, especially mornight and dovish. Pretty cool to be able to write a poem with so many new words:)

  16. Complex and concise. A vert good write!

  17. Thanks for the dictionary explanations. I love learning new words and writing is doing that. This is really a beautiful piece.

  18. Wonderful words, Pamela. Wonderful poem.

  19. gorgeous image you wordpaint here :)…i can almost see it with my mind’s eyes…

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