“In an Herbal Garden” Poets United Thursday Think Tank #58-Nighttime

Chattering laurel leaves
brighten distances;
lilting visions cradle currents
of captured somnolent light

Brimming perfection,
persimmons’ thoughts …
bewildering in eddy patterns,
enticing purls of raining seeds …

laurel leaves placed in
sachets of dreams

Process notes:

I decided to investigate the meaning behind the laurel, and I was quite surprised to find this, since I had already started writing this yesterday … serendipity.
Meaning of the laurel leaf
Creativity – Laurel was said to communicate the spirit of prophecy and poetry. Laurel leaves were commonly put under pillows at night to gain inspiration through dreams and its intoxicating properties are associated with prophetic and poetic inspiration. More at this site:



20 responses to ““In an Herbal Garden” Poets United Thursday Think Tank #58-Nighttime

  1. Wasn’t it laurel that they burned for the Delphic sybils? Not sure, but it fits your images, especially the sachet beneath the pillow, full of that captured light–there’s definitely some serendipity in that image. A lovely piece, pamela.

  2. Honestly Joy, my knowledge of Delphic sybil is that Michelangelo did a drawing of her. Sad to say, my memory of mythology is fading as the years pass. I really should brush up on it. I always loved it in school. I was just surprised about the connection between the laurel, and poetry and have no earthly idea why I chose to write about it yesterday. Thanks.

  3. Synchronicity is great. Like your poem and your process notes are wonderfully enlightening. Really like it when things come together in that fashion. I was unaware that laurel was connected to poetry. Thank you,


  4. That is really impressive, Pamela. I love the way you chose your theme – and then carried it out so well. BTW all laurels except the bay tree (laurier culinaire in French) are poisonous.

  5. Pam,
    A bit of a hitch here. Made a posting earlier but somehow it didn’t show. Here goes again.

    I’ve heard of ‘resting on your laurels’ My first impression is that laurels have something to do with relaxation and being unattentive. Apparently it is more than that. Thanks for sharing!

  6. I love the nocturnal wanderings among laurels and persimmons.. Lovely piece.

  7. Beautiful; I love how you wove this one; “lilting visions cradle currents
    of captured somnolent light” so powerful and romantic. I love this line, too…
    “enticing purls of raining seeds” stunning! YOU words evoke many thoughts~ Well Done~

  8. I love the “persimmons’ thoughts” and the “sachets of dreams”….lovely writing.

  9. I really connected with the whole train of this – particularly as dreams are often the basis of creativity – at least where I’m concerned. The thing is, a lot of the story is in the telling, and that you do with skill and beauty.

  10. An inspired poem, Pamela. You never cease to amaze me with your poetry.

  11. Beautifully scripted that leaves imagery of beauty in ones’ mind.

  12. Thanks Renee. I am so behind on reading, and commenting. I need to take the time here shortly.

I appreciate all comments.

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