“When I Look at Old Photos” The Sunday Whirl #14

Clouds blinking whirs
of yesterday’s views,
running in parallel streams

You’ve drawn velvet
curtains to gild my light
while scanning my aquent soul

Scattered amongst your
twisted marvel where
rendered pictures hang no longer

But your reprehensible style
spills gilead balm in your hair,
casting gloom on vision …
a saddened moment obscure


17 responses to ““When I Look at Old Photos” The Sunday Whirl #14

  1. Wow…this was powerful – and all from a wordle. Go figyah! I love the line, “…where rendered pictures hang no longer..”

  2. Depthful poetry. Old photos always provoke profound thoughts.

  3. Your last line, “a saddened moment obscure,” is one of those lines I hold on to. There is another whole poem hidden in that one line.

  4. Well, even if this is simply poetic expression, it’s sad, deep, and lovely.
    Thanks for visiting me. 🙂

  5. Lovely piece, Pamela! “You’ve drawn velvet curtains to gild my light” is a wonderful line, and you used ‘reprehensible’ masterfully.

  6. Pamela- A beautiful piece. I especially like the second stanza, too.

  7. Pamelita, loved this, great use of wordle. “Gild” was one of the most difficult words for me… was wondering about “reprehensible style,” as it seem to lead to balm in gilead? Maybe I’m just reading too much into it. All in all, I loved reading this aloud. Paz, amiga, Amelita

  8. What a poem! Full of allusion, and skilful use of wordle words. Please, what is aquent?

  9. I too loved –
    “You’ve drawn velvet
    curtains to gild my light”
    Nice use of the words Pamela. 🙂

  10. This one demands a few reads and evokes the very photographs it mentions; old photos, when viewed without a frame of reference, can provoke all sorts of speculation, and when viewed by someone who knows their context, can resurrect long dormant memories.

    Viv, I didn’t know what “aquent” meant either, so I Googled a definition. According to answers.com, its definition is: (geology) A suborder of the soil order Entisol, bluish gray or greenish gray in color; under water until very recent times; located at the margins of oceans, lakes, or seas.


    Read more: http://www.answers.com/topic/aquent#ixzz1T7qTufdL

  11. Your poem seems to hum with a hidden agenda like that saddened moment obscured in the final line. We are always just a bit startled when looking through photos when someone momentarily comes clear after years of being forgotten. And as usual, your flow and imagery are wonderful.


  12. Pamela, that last stanza brought up a recent memory for me. An uncle had posted a picture of himself and his four siblings, my mom included, on Facebook. I thought it a great picture of the five of them, until someone told me it was taken when they were all back in Indiana for the funeral of my grandfather. That fact definitely cast gloom on my vision.


  13. Pamela, From a picture and words, to this…it’s beautiful. I love this piece, thank you.

  14. I agree with Mike. The last line started me thinking of saddened moments which have been obscured by all sorts of things. You do have more poems in there. But I love the movement in the first two lines.


  15. I never tire of old photos and the lives captured there speaking to us as though they never left.

  16. Some interesting words here, Pamela. An intelligent poem.

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