Starless Butterflies We Write Poems #64-Parallel Lines

Each day wears a teardrop,
cycles turn to jewels

Sun burns crescent eyes,
brightness covers you

Trailing starlight hope,
void of troubled wishes

as rusty monarchs
wander from cocoon

When reaching stars aux cayes,
bursting strands of wellness,

gathering yesterday’s moss
in ripeness of the past

Slumber eases darkness,
night lays latent charms astray

*aux cayes is French for okay


12 responses to “Starless Butterflies We Write Poems #64-Parallel Lines

  1. Wasn’t that prompt difficult! You made a lovely job of it.
    I never heard aux cayes for OK – we do say OK though it is frowned on by the Academie Française as an Americanism!

  2. Thanks Viv. Not an easy prompt, this was edited several times. I subscribe to a word a day with Oxford dictionary, and the other day there was an attached article about the word “okay”. Aux Cayes or Las Cayes is a part of Haiti. I just love the sound of the word.

  3. Pam,
    We have lots of b’flies here. The Rajah Brooke named after the one-time ruler of Sarawak may aptly be the ‘rusted monarch’ ( or is it just a big moth with those brownish colourings? ) Great poem!


  4. Hank, We don’t see many butterflies here, but the other day a beautiful rust-coloured one was flitting around our garden. Thanks.

  5. Pamela- You’ve done a great job with a tough prompt. I especially like:

    Trailing starlight hope,
    void of troubled wishes

  6. When you sit still for long enough to really watch butterflies, they really are quite exquisite little things.
    I had never seen such huge butterflies until I went to Louisiana, on the Gulf coast there I was amazed by both their size and their gorgeous colours. When you see something so perfect, you just know instinctively that they were created by a higher power than anything man has yet to do.
    Your prose is beautiful. 🙂

  7. Beautiful words to describe awesome creatures. Saw a large yellow Monarch the other day and was mesmerized.

  8. Hello Pamela:

    I’m just now getting around to reading people’s poems for the prompt, since I’ve been ill and offline the last few days. I think this response to the prompt was gorgeous, vivid, and absolutely magical. My favorite was the first couplet, but the whole thing is just beautiful. I think you’ve got the right idea of parallelism. Well done.


  9. Lovely images here, Pamela. “Ripeness of the past” is exquisite.

  10. A lovely poem, Pamela. That first line is beautiful.

  11. Pamela, this poem is lovely. I love the first two lines especially…but then again there are so many wonderful lines!

  12. Thanks everyone for the nice comments.

I appreciate all comments.

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